Product Care for Jewellery

We choose only the highest quality materials for the necklaces, hooks, hoops and studs used in our jewellery.

Please refer each product listings for details on materials used.

If you have and questions or allergies, please feel free to send an email with your questions

Please be very careful to avoid your jewellery coming into contact with things like perfumes, suncream, insect repellant, moisturisers, household cleaning products, etc. Sometimes, these can react with the acrylic and polymer clay and cause discolouration or a change of texture.  We recommend putting on your item when you're ready to add the finishing touch.

Polymer Clay: Take care not to drop the jewellery as it may break. To clean gently wipe with a wet cloth, for more stubborn marks (make up or dirt) you may very, very gently go over spots with a cotton tip dipped in rubbing alcohol. Not suitable for wear when swimming or bathing. Avoid contact with sharp objects as they can scratch the surface.

Acrylic: To clean wipe gently with a microfibre cloth such as a sunglasses cleaning cloth, you can add a small amount of water if required. Avoid contact with sharp objects as they can scratch the surface. Acrylic is a little more durable than the polymer clay, however, we still wouldn't recommend swimming or bathing in the jewellery. 

Brass: Avoid exposure to oils, chemicals & perfume. If they tarnish, try wiping with brass cleaners or a jewellery cloth. 

Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot issue refunds for any earrings so if you have any questions please send us an email at before purchasing.

Product Care for Silks

We use only the highest quality silks for our products, but silks do need a little extra care and love.

We recommend you gently hand wash your silk product.

Our silks are also dry cleanable.

Our guide below is recommended to ensure that your favourite silk product will last you a very long time:

  • Hand wash silk items in cool water, no detergent or if required use a mild pH neutral detergent and/or fabric softener to protect the fibres of the silk (please carefully check products are suitable for use with silks)
  • Wash each item turned inside out to protect the surface of silks from any rough items that might cause damage
  • Iron on a silk setting on the reverse side only or using a steamer
  • Do not wring dry. Dry items lying flat and away from direct sunlight
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry

Please be careful as products such as makeup or moisturisers and cosmetics can leave marks on your product and can be difficult to remove so we suggest removing makeup and lotions dry before using your silk products. Additionally, perfumes and deodorants can also leave marks on silk, so we don’t recommend spraying perfume on any silk product.

All our garments are handmade individually in Australia.