About us

Hello! We’re COEQUA so nice to meet you!

We thoughtfully design and lovingly manufacture jewellery, accessories and apparel in Australia.

All of our products are handmade in small batches. We choose slow-made as it allows us to focus on quality and consider our impact. Good things take time.

Our studio is located in Adelaide, Australia. 

COEQUA is our expression for being aware, innovative and supportive to our community. We are dedicated to making products that are ethically manufactured and all our products are made in Australia. 

 Sarah | Founder & Designer

Sarah developed COEQUA because she wanted to support the call for transparency and fair treatment in the manufacturing of fashion and accessories. Sarah is an award-winning designer, she has studied fashion, design and merchandising in Australia and Italy. She creates work that is both sophisticated and contemporary. Sarah is a complete romantic and adores the addictive and never-ending creative process drawing inspiration from a deep curiosity and desire to explore the world of fashion and design in all its forms.